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Last Blinkie Maker Standing

Are you tough enough?

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The First Ever "Last Blinkie Maker Standing" community!

All about the first ever last blinkie maker standing community.

This is a blinkie community based off of the last icon maker standing communities. Sure icons are great but some of us love blinkies more.

How is it going to work?

The contest won't start until there's at least 20 participants. If you'd like to sign up please go to the entry here and do as it says.

Skips - Yes, I know every lims community has them so why not this one too? Each person automatically gets one skip. If you'd like an additional one or two skips please see this post here.

Each round I'll post a new pixel that you have to make into a blinkie. Sometimes you'll have to recolor the pixel, make the pixel just shades of one color, create new boxes that you've never used before, remove things from the pixel, or add things to the pixel to make it unique, etc.

Two people will be elimiated each round! They're will be a winner for each round and a mods choice.

Want to affiliate?

Go to this entry here and fill out the form!

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